Predictive Dialer Software - Call Us For Superior Service.

Predictive Dialer Software - Call Us For Superior Service.

Avykta Intellicall provide complete call center dialer services past 10 years to continue. A smart predictive dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that enables Call Center Predictive Dialer agents to dramatically increase their number of live connections. Predictive dialers connect agents only to calls that are actually answered by customer, freeing agents from the need to listen to unanswered calls, busy signals, disconnected lines, answering machines and other automatic services.


Prefered experience:


    Call Center Services

    Customer Service

    Dialer Services

    Inbound Outbound




DOT Approved VoIP predictive dialer sublimely places all types of outbound calls that befit inseparable allotment for all types of fetch operations. From life assorted years, the supplicate b rebuke centers are dealing with the advantages of predictive dialers for making an unhurried automation of outbound calls. Late-model DOT Approved VoIP predictive dialer technology hit the bazaar and smoothly run with all class of communication infrastructure.


The sublimely DOT Approved VoIP predictive dialer places outbound calls and take all kinds of measures suitable for all kind of reservation cannot be separated. miscellaneous years of life, and implore, b rebuke centers making outbound calls Predictive dialer’s automation upper hand of dealing with an unhurried. Late model, DOT Approved VoIP predictive dialer technology bazaar hit and run smoothly class communications infrastructure. Predictive dialer are working on this technology works at the platform. From the inception, the quality of listening bearing, DOT Approved VoIP Predictive dialers were hand-me-down. It make smaller communication costs.


DOT Approoved VoIP predictive technology works from anyplace according to the demand and demand of patient to some extent than making any genre of comprise in the distinction of services offered by the agents.  comprehensive dialing is also the role of the DOT VoIP Minutes in India along with the predictive technology reduces the workload of term center agents.


Great place to find best predictive dialer software at better prices. Predictive dialer software India is computer based automatic call dialer software.  It is control inbound, outbound calling. This software controls every calls and transfers to free agents. It dials the multiple calls per hour.


Their are some Quality Features


    Predictive Dialing, Agent Ready Dialing, Preview or Power of Dialing

    Live Report

    Dialer Console to adjust speed and know channel utilization

    Monitor Agent and Line performance

    Connection within milliseconds, Assured to hear the first 'Hello'

    Ability to Listen


    Ability to have the client informations at the time of connection

    Setup many simultaneous Campaigns, each campaign can be Predictive or Agent Ready

Predictive Dialer systems differ  from auto dialers as these systems allow live agents to interact with live clients, providing agents with crucial client informative on their computer screens and continuously updating every web page or CRM Software in India based application information related to that specific clients.

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