Predictive Dialer Software - Expert Solutions, Outstanding Service

Predictive Dialer Software - Expert Solutions, Outstanding Service

Predictive dialing is one of the most extensively used auto dialing pacing options and Aspect offers the most comprehensive set of predictive dialing capabilities in the market. Predictive Dialer Vendors in India .


Benifits of Avyukta Predictive Dialer Software


    Computer Telephony Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Outbound, Inbound and Blended Telephony Solutions

    Web-based agent and executive interfaces

    Predictive, Power, Preview and Manual Dialing Options

    DOT-VoIP and Analog Telecommunication Options

    Various ACD and IVR Features

    Compliance Management

    Custom Integration

    Quality Assurance




    Agents operate remotely

    Call Observe, Coaching, Barging, Conferencing


These days, the much important for your business or company support factor, advertising is that always gives higher results. It was simple to open a call center agents and a large number of rent, but the simple easier Call Center Predictive Dialer India, comprehensive and profitable business is choose manually. It is a software application conduct by a computer system, the call center agent containing the specified list of phone numbers for assist, but expensive solution to consider that investment will save your time and more sales out.


When Predictive Dialer is preowned , or the call center agent can progress more in less time all inclusive and would be able to get the maximum return on yield. Predictive Dialer device has the capability, productivity, efficiency and performance of call center agent or the improvement works of the home.


The predictive dialer uses mathematical formulas to examine the average time a recipient takes to answer the call and the availability of the agent to adjust the dialing rate automatically. They are configured to allow the Dialer to decide which group to call, which agent to reroute a connected call to, etc. These decisions are based on differ factors such as the approximate duration of a call, the number of agents available and the number of connections and many more.


As Predictive Dialer Software India, the Interaction of Dialer system easily pre-integrates to the Customer Interaction Center for outbound and blended predictive dialing and simplified campaign management. The Predictive Dialer Software also extends functionality for intelligent campaign mount,modern call scripting, compliance alternative, and many more.


Predictive dialing, of course, enables businesses to make employees more organized by improving call ratios. It also can be used for automatic messages, which is handy for businesses of any magnitude that want to reach out to customers for reminders, sale lucky chance, etc. (Be mindful of regulations, however - the Telephone Consumer Protection Act strictly regulates the dos and don’ts of automatic dialing).


Hosted Predictive dialer is used in call centers for many more reasons, as:





    Customer service

    Market research

Avyukta’s Predictive Dialer also clinch that the numbers of redial attempts get limited automatically, and that all calls are create within acceptable hours of the day, ensuring fair debt collection implementation.

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