All Digital Telephony & DOT VoIP Solutions Under One Roof.

All Digital Telephony & DOT VoIP Solutions Under One Roof.

Avyukta shop provide best quality products like Gateways, Asterisk PRI Card in India, ATA, IP PHONE’S FXS/FXO . Wire phones unit or mobile phones has become an attribute of any office and any employee work-place. Due to intensive usage of telephony communication in business, its cost is of utmost consequence. When you make 1000 of calls per month, you can start to receive huge bills and have to think about savings. Is there any way to cut the communication costs even with the “lowest” rates and “special” terms of your communication operative engineer? Such way to exists and its name is GSM gateway.


Voip Minutes

A Class ISP premium routes at better rates under bulk buy program with/without bundled Dialer packages and tailor made models.

Voice-over-Internet Protocol (DOT-VoIP) is a protocol that enable transmission of speech real-time over the internet or other IP packet-switched networks. This allows access to the telephony network from virtually anywhere there is a mobile connection.

DOT Approved VoIP systems offer significant cost savings over long established telephony systems. Often, they have lower monthly fees and offer exceptionally low rates for calls, especially international calls. In addition, most DOT VoIP systems have features not found with regular telephony systems, such as voice mail to e-mail and applications that permit you to answer your phone calls, even when you're away from your surface. DOT VoIP Minutes in India provide services are a great option for home and tiny business; if you have one phone in your house office or up to ten phones, you can pic a plan that best fits your organization's needs.

DOT Approved VoIP Voice over IP is the means by which voice can be transferred over an Internet portal rather then a long established telecom network and can facilitate cost savings for distributed call centers and home-based remote spokesman Contact Center Anywhere provides a blended inbound and outbound solution through a single web based browser interface. The call center manager has the capability to record 100% or calls as well as monitor real-time customer interactions across a variety of communication types, e.g. telephone, fax, voicemail, Predictive, Voice Over IP (DOT-VoIP), e-mail and live chat.

Digital Telephony Card

Digital Telephony Cards in India deliver one, two, four, eight, or sixteen spans of optimized voice over T1/E1/J1 with available telco-grade hardware echo cancellation.TE series are high-performance, cost effective, digital telephony interfaces and support both E1 and T1 environments. The environments are select on a per-card or per-port basis. This feature enables signaling translation between T1 and E1 equipment, and allows competitive T1 channel banks to connect with E1 circuits. The bus-mastering TE cards enhance I/O speed over slave-only architectures, resulting in decrease CPU usage and increased card density per server. The cards provide the power to interconnect long established telephony systems with emerging Voice-over IP ( DOT-VoIP) technologies.


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